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May 15, 2018

Veea and CITCON Partnership Enables Retailers and Restaurants in the United States to Accept Alipay and WeChat Pay

Integration Accommodates Payment Preferences of Chinese Tourists, Driving Traffic to Participate Businesses and Optimizing Customer Experiences

April 17, 2018

Shift4 Payments Partners with CITCON to Announce Availability of Alipay and WeChat Pay Acceptance for North American Merchants

The solution enables Shift4 customers to accept payments via the Alipay and WeChat Pay mobile platforms.

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THREE QUESTIONS With Wei Jiang, COO of Citcon

By Airport Revenue News Magazine

By 2021, China will become the number one international tourism market. The whole industry is preparing to welcome Chinese travelers. Of all the efforts to welcome Chinese travelers, mobile payments is one of the easiest ways to make Chinese customers more comfortable.

US merchants adopt Chinese app payments to draw big spenders

By Nikkei Asian Review

For merchants, the advantages of accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay extend beyond facilitating transactions. While the apps may have begun as digital wallets, they have evolved into lifestyle apps, allowing users to book flights, rent bicycles, review restaurants and more.

U.S. Tourism and Hospitality Stakeholders Embrace Chinese Mobile Payments

By Jing Travel

By offering familiar, cashless mobile payment options like Wechat Pay and Alipay, Chinese travelers in the U.S. can more conveniently make purchases without the hassles of currency exchange or ensuring their credit or debit cards function.


Tencent extends WeChat Pay to the US with focus on Chinese tourists

By South China Morning Post

Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings, which runs one of the country’s most widely used mobile payment tools, has taken its cashless payment system to the home market of Apple Pay by serving Chinese outbound travellers in the United States through a partnership with Citcon.