Start accepting touch-free PayPal and Venmo payments in your store

Connect with millions of PayPal and Venmo users

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Accept more payment types safely and securely with PayPal QR code

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Safe and Seamless Checkout
Offer touch-free payments through PayPal and Venmo apps in your store, along with the security and payment protection customers value.

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Free and Easy Setup
No additional cost, quick onboarding, and your employees and customers can save time at checkout

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More Ways to Get Paid
Consumers select their preferred payment method and your business can accept a wider range of purchases.

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Broad Reach, Trusted Globally
Touch-free PayPal and Venmo payments can help connect your business with millions of users.

Why Citcon

The Most Trusted Merchant QR Payment Solution Provider


Scalable QR-Based Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

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Fast, Cost-Effective and Seamless Integration in Complex Merchant Environments

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One-Stop Services for Processing, Reconciliation, Reporting and Settlement

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QR-Based Marketing Capabilities to Gain Incremental Business

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Enjoy Seamless Checkout Experience

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Full-Stack Integration Solutions Available For In-Store Business

Fully Integrated POS Solutions:
  1. Consistent UX with the merchant’s existing POS system
  2. No extra manual effort required for reconciliation/li>
  3. Less maintenance effort for post-launch merchant support
Citcon’s most advanced solution:
  • Easy to plugin and can be used directly on a Windows-based POS system.
  • No 3rd party involvement nor extra device required.
  • Minimum configuration work and minimum maintenance cost needed.

Accept major mobile payments, including Venmo PayPal, Alipay, and Union Pay QR. The other features include:

  1. UnionPay card chip acceptance
  2. Paper receipt printing
  3. Handheld, cordless mobility
Install Citcon App on your existing hardware and internet connection, to reduce redundancies of additional devices. The features of Citcon App include:
  1. Compatible for major types of mobile operating systems
  2. Easy to set-up and navigate
  3. No additional cost

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