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Easy and fast checkout experience without the hassle of entering card information

Make secure payments anywhere, anytime

Reduced cart abandon rate to boost sales

Tightened security and higher approval rate

No chargeback: hassle free for merchants.

QR codes are changing e-commerce

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Easier, faster online payments

Using Alipay and WeChat Pay for Ecommerce, your Chinese customers can use a secure QR code to pay with just one click. They’ll enjoy a checkout experience that’s familiar, doesn’t require personal information, and is up to five times faster than other forms of payment.

95% approval rate, no chargebacks, lower fees

Approval rates using WeChat Pay and Alipay are almost double those of debit and credit cards. Transactions clear within 24 hours, with no chargebacks – all with fees that are lower than credit/debit card international transaction fees.

Integrate your way

The Citcon Hosted Online Platform (CHOP) is a simple yet flexible payment method that helps you integrate quickly while reducing your PCI DSS compliance burden. We also offer a full back-end API if you need more granularity and flexibility.

The e-commerce solution for you to:

API integration

Online payment integration is made easy through our API. Whether your business runs on desktop, mobile, or WeChat, we’ve got you covered. Start accepting Alipay and WeChat pay for Ecommerce.

Hosted Payment Solution

The Citcon Hosted Online Payment (CHOP) provides a flexible, secure and easy way for shoppers to make online transactions, while helping you reduce the PCI compliance burden.

WeChat Official Account & Mini Program

Integrate Citcon Payment API directly from your existing WeChat Official Account or WeChat Mini Program without having to create a new mobile app.

ecomerce solution

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