iShoppes Success Story


Before working with Citcon, we had a number of Chinese-based credit card transactions that were canceled or didn’t go through and it got our attention. There’s nothing worse than having to tell a customer we can’t complete their purchase.


Speaking generally, we were not really aware of the importance of Alipay. Citcon contacted us and educated us about how quickly these platforms were growing and how important it was to have them in our outlets. Having another way for customers to process higher value transactions like they do through Alipay, that was a big deal for us.


We were sold when Citcon said they could get us up and running before the holidays. They got us fully online in time – unbelievably they moved that quickly.


The results were amazing. Almost immediately, stories from staff began coming into headquarters about how Chinese customers were thrilled with iShoppes’ adoption of their favorite payment method.

-Matthew Greenbaum, Vice President of International Shoppes.