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Simply enter the payment amount and scan your customer’s mobile wallet. Our versatile POS terminal helps you process mobile payments over WiFi or 3G/4G networks.

One API call is all you need to enable Alipay/WeChat Pay on your own POS system. Citcon partners with Top POS vendors worldwide.

Online payment integration is made easy through our API. Whether your business runs on desktop, mobile, we’ve got you covered.

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How did International Shoppes succeed with Chinese shoppers?

How did International Shoppes succeed with Chinese shoppers?
“Before working with Citcon, we had a number of Chinese-based credit card transactions that were canceled or didn’t go through and it got our attention. There’s nothing worse than having to tell a customer we can’t complete their purchase. We try with everything we do to make the customer experience better. In regards to Chinese consumers, they’ve been a huge focus for us because they’ve been driving a significant portion of our purchases. They are some of the biggest spenders that we have, and it’s really important we understand what these customers want and what their expectations are. Once we put the equipment in, it was really amazing to see – basically overnight – the revenue we were generating and the way customers were reacting to it.”